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On our anti spam filter system we are starting to get close to max on the virtual hard drive and im curious if this might be the cause of filtering halts and system event notifications.

Is there a temp way to resolve this while i sort out the virtual disk space issue?

by Mike.Shea 6 years ago

@Mike.Shea: Looks to be not related to log viewer, and i have freed up an extra 5% drive space.

I am still getting hundreds of event emails from ORF, though they contain no info on the issue

by Mike.Shea 6 years ago
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@Mike.Shea: Could you copy/paste a sample of these notifications you receive please?

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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ORF Event Notification
An operation has failed unexpectedly - recommended to investigate this event.
Time Friday, August 16, 2013 11:26:36 AM GMT+0400
Sender Email (not available)
Recipient Emails (not available)
Related IP (not available)
Action (not available)
Email Subject (not available)
Could not create statistics for the client [nowait]. EORFStatisticsServerError/The statistics server is not initialized.
Filtering Point Non-Filtering Event
Event Class System Event
Severity Error
Server smtp1
Event Source (not available)
HELO Domain (not available)
Message ID (not available)
Version 5.1

This email was sent to you because you have requested to be notified about specific events in ORF. See the following Knowledge Base article on managing email notifications.

As you can see it tells nothing of the issue

i resolved it by adding more space to the VHD and then moving the log location to the new drive since i was unable to expand the system drive

by Mike.Shea 6 years ago

I suspect your statistics file got corrupted somehow. I suggest to delete the file orfstat.dat from the ORF directory (Program Files (x86)\ORF Fusion): this will not cause any trouble, since ORF will recreate the statistics file when you restart the service, so you won't lose the statistics displayed in the Administration Tool either.

We have been reported this problem in the past (see, we are not sure what might cause such corruptions (we could not reproduce it), but we suspect a Microsoft MSXML related problem.

If the above does not help, try deleting the file orfs24h.dat as well.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago

I found that also last week and deleted the .dat files since i was getting other errors relating to it

it has been good for half a week now

by Mike.Shea 6 years ago

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