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I have recipient validation turned on.

this means I literally have defined who are valid email addresses to my system.

now I have a shared address namespace on exchange between singapore and china. right now, what happens is occasionally, a whitelisted email addresses sends a typo eg: instead of jackson, he sends to ackson. its fine if the email is small, but if its a 20mb email, what happens is it hops through singapore and china until the max hop count is exceeded.

I've went and set the max hop count from the default 60 to 16.. (I'm not too sure if i can drop it to 2? without hitting issues), furthermore i"m not sure exactly where to set it. do i set it on my receive connector from the internet, or the receive connector from china?

in anycase, its 16 on both right now.

but back to the point, if I have recipient validation turned on, it means I've identified who are the valid users on my system, ergo, anyone even if whitelisted sending to a non valid email should be stopped (practically at before arrival)

by christopher.low 6 years ago

@christopher.low: is the Recipient Validation test assigned to Before Arrival and excepted from the scope of whitelists (Administration Tool: Filtering / Tests page, bottom)? If so, the email will be rejected after the RCPT TO: command during the SMTP transport between the sender and recipient servers. If it does not work this way, I think the problem is that Exchange checks the recipient address before ORF, and as the recipient is invalid, the email gets routed to the Send connector that has the closest address space match (before ORF could check the recipient and reject the email).

I am not sure if that can be prevented by changing the Transport Agent priorities (so ORF is called first), but it worth a try. What happens if assign priority 1 to the "Vamsoft ORF Receive Agent"?

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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