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Is ORF 5 reay for Server 2012 and Exchange Server 2013? And if not when?



by jerry.s.elkins 7 years ago

@jerry.s.elkins: ORF 5.0 is ready for Windows Server 2012, there are no known compatibility issues.

Exchange 2013 support will be available with ORF 5.1. The first public beta is expected for late March/early April if everything's on track. The beta will run for at least two weeks, followed by the consumer release.

I should point out that you can already use ORF 5.0 (and even 4.4) with Exchange 2013, by deploying an Exchange 2010 SP3 Edge Transport Role server in front of Exchange 2013 and ORF on this front-end server. This setup is also encouraged by Microsoft, because Exchange 2013 does not feature its own Edge Transport role yet. In the current Exchange 2013 architecture, the internet-facing role is Client Access Server, which must be deployed on a domain member computer and exposing that to the internet may be a security consideration.

by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 7 years ago
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