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Hi All

i hope this is a simple issue. i am new to ORF and i installed V5 this afternoon. i have run the wizard and the service is started and the statistics are slowly counting up as it allows emails through.

the problem is that since i installed it, i have received all the usual spam and it has made no attempt to stop it. i noticed that while DNSBL and SURBL are both ON they have no boxes checked by default - should i be configuring this or are default settings usually ok?

Surely the standard settings from install should work effectively with little extra configuration - the last product i evaluated (GFI Mailessentials) installed with no settings or configuration changed by me and it semeed to work well and stop 99% spam.

I really want to get ORF working because i think the price point suits me. any help appreciated.

by quintin79 7 years ago

Edit - i am using a single MS Exchange 2010 on Server 2008 R2

by quintin79 7 years ago

@quintin79: Hello and welcome to ORF! Our product follows a little different path and in fact it will not catch much spam out of the box. There are tons of ways to configure ORF to suit your needs, so we do not make assumptions and make choices for you. However, ORF offers a few ways to reduce the burden of making those choices. For starters, I recommend that you take the Configuration Wizard in the Administration Tool (File | Configuration Wizard) -- this should help making sure the basic settings are OK and will give you further pointers to setting up ORF. If you have already done this, the next step is to get familiar with ORF by reading the ORF 101 Guide ( It discusses a few basics concepts of ORF, which are crucial to make informed decisions later. Finally, our Best Practices Guide ( explains how to get the most out of ORF.

We currently recommend to enable the following DNSBLs: Spamhaus ZEN, Spamcop, CBL, NJABL and the following SURBLs: Spamhaus DBL, SURBL Combined.

by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 7 years ago
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