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so seems like I got an email that is whitelisted with a blank sender email.

I believe this is due to the new "whitelist delivery status notifications"

so I presume my only resort is to not use it?

An email was whitelisted in ORF.
Time 31 January, 2013 16:57:19 PM GMT+0800 (14 minutes ago)
Sender Email (not available)
Recipient Emails

Related IP
Action (not available)
Email Subject Quote/New Order Price.

Message Whitelisted by the Sender Whitelist: Delivery Status Notification, blank sender address.
Details Filtering Point On Arrival
Event Class Whitelist Event
Severity Information
Show Less Details...

Event Source Microsoft® Exchange Server
HELO Domain (not available)
Message ID
Log Mode Verbose

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by christopher.low 7 years ago

@christopher.low: As per standards, the only emails which are sent with blank sender email addresses are Delivery Status Notifications (e.g., NDRs), and these should always be allowed in. By checking the "Whitelist Delivery Status Notifications" on the Sender Whitelist page, ORF will whitelist all incoming emails sent with blank (NULL) SMTP envelope sender addresses to meet this requirement.

Unfortunately, spammers often exploit this requirement by sending spam with blank sender email addresses, so we strongly recommend keeping this option unchecked. This does not mean these emails will be blocked, they will only be tested (i.e., treated like regular emails) and blacklisted if they fail on a blacklist test. If you check this option, not only NDRs will be whitelisted (allowed in even if the sender is on the blacklist), but spam (sent with blank email addresses) as well.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 7 years ago
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