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I just wanted to note my problem for others to reference. I upgraded from Orfee 4.4 to Fusion 5 today on my Windows 2000 SP4/Exchange 2000 SP3 server following the upgrade documentation. I manually stopped IISADMIN and all related services first and the orf service as not doing so has caused problems in the past. I accepted all the defaults during the install and got an error during it - the orf service is already installed. After a server reboot I noticed no orf service in the list of services and confirmed it was not available in the orf admin console. I navigated via command prompt to the orf program directory and ran "orfeesvc.exe -install" to re-install the service and then rebooted the server again and everything seemed to be back to normal. This is the first upgrade of many in years past that has experienced this problem.

by mike.galbicka 6 years ago

@mike.galbicka: interesting... The installer of ORF 5 should have detected the previous installation and uninstall it first (including the service), so I am not sure what went wrong. We have not been reported such issues before and we did not run into such problems during testing.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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