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when an email is stopped because it has triggered a word in the keyword blacklist, is there a way to find out which word in the list it triggered.

when looking at the logs all that is mentioned is that the email in question was tagged as spam due to keyword filtering. would love to know the phrase resposible.

thanks in advance.

by wmartin 6 years ago

@wmartin: We recommend adding comments to each keyword expression, as these are logged by ORF (simple numbers should do).

If you have whitelisted the sender since the accidental blacklisting and he/she resent the email, you can also use the built-in tester (available in ORF 5) to check the email body text against your current expressions to find those which match (ORF Administration Tool: Blacklists / Keyword Blacklist, Test button in the lower right corner).

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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@Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft): perfect just what i need.

thanks very much!

by wmartin 6 years ago
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@wmartin: you are welcome :)

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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@Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft): That is corect, thank u very much

by gerrywilson 6 years ago
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