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Dear Group,

I have recently begun having some issues with emails being blacklisted by ''. It seems to be blacklisting many providers and with many 'false positives'. Reviewing their website reveals that they are asking those listed to pay a fine of $50. After discussing this issue with several other email providers, they are claiming that Sorbs is a rip-off and should not be used due to not being accepted by the Internet Community.

Has anyone else had this experience and could anyone offer some further insight as to whether SORB's is a good blacklist to use?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



by Daniel Stump 9 years ago

@Daniel Stump: SORBS is very reliable and effective and we encourage using it, except for the zone ( SMTP response): that zone is known to block legitimate emails. What does the ORF log indicates for these false positives: were they blacklisted by this zone, or something else? (You can check using the ORF Log Viewer tool, the SMTP resonse returned by SORBS is indicated in the Message column)

If the log indicates "" in the message column, please disabled this zone as follows:

1. Start the ORF Administration Tool
2. Expand Configuration / Tests / DNS Blacklists
3. Double-click SORBS
4. Select the SMTP Actions tab
5. Uncheck or remove the response
6. Finally, save your settings to apply the configuration changes by pressing Ctrl + S (if you use an older ORF version (pre-4.3), restarting the service is also required, please press Ctrl + U in this case instead).

by Krisztian Fekete 9 years ago
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