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I read this on the website:
"No Hidden Charge: You can let your SMA expire and renew it later with no penalties."

Does this mean, if I ever bought ORF EE I can now get a SMA for the needed user count, even if it was bought several years ago and never applied to a SMA before, or does that statement only apply for new ORF Fusion purchases?


by norbert.fehlauer 6 years ago

@norbert.fehlauer: Hi Nobert,

That specific quote applies to ORF Fusion purchases only. However, we have made another change to help with the transition: ORF Enterprise Edition SMAs expired less than year ago are now renewable with ORF Fusion or Fusion for SBS SMAs. This primarily aims to help with budgeting, letting you to postpone the renewal if the price has changed significantly for your organization.

If your Enterprise Edition SMA has expired more than a year ago (or if you never had one, just an old ORF Enterprise Edition that you purchased before SMAs were introduced in version 1.5.2), you can upgrade by purchasing a full Fusion or Fusion for SBS license. In this case, I recommend contacting our Customer Service to see if we can apply a promotion or discount.

by Péter Karsai (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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