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according to the report found under
I've discovered this problem in our running system too with ORF 4.4 running

the Received: and Subject: as other lines too gets folder with a CRLF and a 0x09 character (this should be WSP per RFC -> 0x20)
Depending the recievers side is fully RFC2822 compiant, the Subject line gets garbled with an extra space (that is 0x09 character)

As I have several machines running in a stacked environment (machine 1: SPAM filter , machine 2: antivirus filter, machine 3: routing machine, machine 4: internet gatway out with ORF running on machine 1+4 only, I have some trouble to debug this problem in detail in the production environment.
Probably it will help to fix the problem on the internet gateway out server, as this machine only runs to collect email addresses from Intranet to the Internet for the automatic sender whitelisting
Any assistance I'll appriciate
Thanks in advance

Ulrich Schroeter

by Ulrich Schroeter 7 years ago

one more sidenote: fixing the internet gateway out is also by indication, that the problem mostly appears in the internet, once the email passes our systems to a foreign email system.
Within our local environment I cannot reproduce this problem ... probably as mostly all servers are exchange servers and all clients are MS Outlook clients
In the Internet Thunderbird, and different kinds of MTAs are used
Once the subject line is pushed to UTF8 coding, the problem disappears also on the systems that spotted the problem in pure ASCII mode subject lines

by Ulrich Schroeter 7 years ago

in further analyze of the problem I've spotted RFC 5234
that defines WSP as:
; white space
-> space and/or horizontal tab
so using HTAB in header line folding is compliant to
RFC 2822 + RFC 5234
and the report
is wrong, as they didn't spotted RFC 5234 :)

by Ulrich Schroeter 7 years ago

Hi Ulrich,

ORF may fold the Subject: line only on tagging, but it also converts it to UTF-8 (see http://www.vamsoft.com/faq.asp#garbled). You mentioned that "Once the subject line is pushed to UTF8 coding, the problem disappears", so it is definitely not ORF causing this. Besides tagging, ORF does not alter the email header in any way.

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 7 years ago

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