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I just install ORF5 beta R03 on a test server and the user interface is nice.
Could you provide an option (or a INI file parameter) to hide the toolbar in all programs? It is good idea for first time user but it takes a lot of space on a wide screen. I need maximum space to read reports for example.

I would like to install the beta version on a production server for a real test but the beta version may expires before the final release.
You should provide a full beta version (not trial) for registered users.

Thank you.

by dsy 7 years ago

@dsy: sorry, there is no option to hide the toolbar in the ORF tools. As for the beta, R04 will be available soon with some bugfixes. Actually, there will be no "full beta": we guarantee that beta versions will be available till the release of the final build, as stated on the beta page:

What are the limitations of the beta version?
The beta release is fully functional and contains all planned features. It is also time-limited and the current R03 release will expire on September 15, 2012. We will release either the final version or another beta release before the above date.

The "unlimited" version will be the final build and will be available with no further costs for all registered customers with a valid SMA.

by Krisztian Fekete 7 years ago
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Thank you for your fast and complete response.

by dsy 7 years ago

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