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Hi guys. Help me plz to cut spam mails using keyword blacklist in email body. The only thing i can find in this different emails from different mailboxes is phone number. But spammer change it all the time like 640 05 09; 6400509; 640:05:09 etc. So I want to filter all mails with this number in any part of mail. What do I have to past to field to catch these numbers with any symbols between? I havn’t find any useful info on forum and in help. =(

by Dmitry 8 years ago

@Dmitry: Question is, what do you exactly mean by "any symbols"? Everything but numbers, or anything but numbers and letters, or anything (including numbers and letters)?

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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Everything but numbers

by Dmitry 8 years ago

to be honest thay changed strategy now it looks like (Ч95) 6 40: 05:0 9 any sugestions?

by Dmitry 8 years ago

all the time different domains, e-mails, often google mail servers, sometimes local providers mail services. Some domains with SPF records.

by Dmitry 8 years ago

and another common word in all leters russian word "тур" All other texts are different. And this is the site even phone number is not listed on the site.

by Dmitry 8 years ago

@Dmitry: For the number variations (anything between the numbers but digits), here is the regex:


Not sure if "тур" occurs before or after the number, if before, use:


If after:


by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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@Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft): Another version for the newest pattern you mentioned:


This matches also if there are two characters between the numbers (e.g., a whitespace and : ) as in your second example (6 40: 05:0 9).

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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Sorry but I’ve used Keyword blacklist/Filter properties/email body
Filter expression/Regular expression (Perl compatible)
Put .*6[^0-9]?4[^0-9]?0[^0-9]?0[^0-9]?5[^0-9]?0[^0-9]?9.* to “Expression field” and 640,05, 09 to the “Test text” the result “Does not match”. Did I do something wrong?

by Dmitry 8 years ago

O! I've got the idea thank you.

by Dmitry 8 years ago

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