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Can ORF 5 work with ClamAV antivirus, if yes, what ClamAV version are supported, step by step guide would be nice :)

by User 7 years ago

I had installed clamav before i installed the beta, i used this link:

Once i installed the beta, it kept all of my settings, including clamav functionality.

I'm sure with the link above, you can get it installed on the beta pretty easily.

note: i dont work for vamsoft i'm just some guy

by Bryon 7 years ago

@Bryon: I confirm that you can use ClamAV with ORF 5 -- the External Agents interface did not change, so any agents you had previously installed with ORF will work with the new version.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 7 years ago
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Thank you Bryon and Peter Karsai for info!

That's good :)

by User 7 years ago

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