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I have a domain *@domain.com in the whitelisted senders

If a user emails from that domain and the keyword filter finds a match the message is being rejected

Is it possible to set ORF to ignore the keyword filter for whitelisted domains

by Peter 7 years ago

@Peter: The Sender Whitelist test always takes precedence over the Keyword Blacklist test, so emails from whitelisted senders will always be allowed through ORF (even if they contain a blacklisted keyword).

1. Did you save the configuration to apply the changes after adding the domain to the whitelist?

2. Are you absolutely sure the whitelist expression matches the sender address? Note that your email client displays the MIME sender, while ORF works with the SMTP sender address (see http://vamsoft.com/faq.asp#whynotsender), so I recommend checking the sender address ORF logged for these emails to see if they match the whitelist expression.

3. Are you absolutely sure that the Keyword Blacklist rejects these emails and not something else (e.g., other blacklist test of ORF which runs on whitelisted emails (Administration Tool: Configuration / Tests / Tests, Whitelist Test Exceptions at the bottom), or another software)?

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 7 years ago
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