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Does a complete set of documentation exist for ORF, besides the system help?

by Lisa Hubbard 8 years ago

@Lisa Hubbard: As of writing this, we have guides covering various topics at http://www.vamsoft.com/guides.asp and http://www.vamsoft.com/dbguides.asp, and some articles at http://www.vamsoft.com/articles.asp. Our FAQ is available at http://www.vamsoft.com/faq.asp, the rest is covered by the built-in Help. There is no "Complete Guide to ORF" currently, but we are considering to write an "ORF 101 Guide" as soon as we finish working on ORF 5 and our new site (which will introduce a new, searchable Knowledge Base section by the way), so stay tuned ;)

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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