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I was having this problem on my Exchange 2010HT Server with ORF 4.4. Opening various windows of the UI only shows me HTML and not the GUI. I backed up my entire config first so no worries. Installed Beta and all went well and quick, but once UI came up the first time, I get an error:

An unexpected exception error occured in the Administation Tool

Exception class:
The element ID 'ts-dns-whitelist-enabled' does not exist or the specified identifier is not unique.

Can send more info if required. I have just applied updates and I am rebooting. I'm running IE9 with rollup 3 for Exchange 2010.

by David Follis 7 years ago

Thought this might be related to Javascript somehow. I did not have Java installed. I installed J6R31 to no avail. One of the more common errors I'm seeing is "This object does not support this method: spStartInitialize" It is like it isn't allowed IE9 to be embedded in the UI. I had this problem with IE8 also. Perhaps related to our IE GPO which we have locked down quite a bit for security reasons. I am able to pull up the log viewer and it does appear to be filtering still.

by David Follis 7 years ago

Figured it out. I had a GPO setup for Java permissions. It was set to "High Safety". I changed it to "Medium Safety" and the UI now displays correctly. Not sure how I feel about changing this but it works. The path to the GPO setting is:

Comp Config\Polices\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Internet Control Panel\Security Page\Internet Zone\Jave permissions

State is: Enabled
Setting: Medium Permissions

I'm wondering why a locally installed application is being impacted by Java permission for Internet Zone instead of Intranet Zone.

by David Follis 7 years ago

Spoke too soon. I can now see the inital UI but I'm still getting the raw HTML on some controls. Will keep testing.

by David Follis 7 years ago

Windows that still display raw HTML:

ORF Reporting Tool

So I must have some sort of GPO enabled that is blocking execution. Specifically I'm still getting the initial error when I attempt to view the Filtering...Tests page, but it identifies the source of the error as:

c:\projects\ORF\Source\ORFEnterprise\AdminToll\testui\TestsUIBrowser_un.pas, line 231 when first opened and later line 441 if I refresh that page.

by David Follis 7 years ago

Pending submission control also shows raw HTML.

by David Follis 7 years ago

@David Follis: Sorry for the late response.

If you had this problem with 4.4 I can imagine 5.0 only made it worse, because it relies on embedded web browsers a lot more.

Can you please explain how your GPO locks down IE exactly? As for security, zone settings should not affect ORF, because it implements its own security manager and will serve data from its internal protocol only. Lack of Java should not be a problem either, because the ORF uses JavaScript only and even though their name sounds similar, they are very loosely related. I think the root of the issue is the raw HTML displayed: this means the browser fails to interpret the HTML source as, well, HTML and this will trigger many errors when we attempt to call scripts embedded in the HTML or manipulate the HTML DOM.

If you open an regular Internet Explorer instance and navigate to web pages, does that work? If it does, how about running an elevated (Run as Administrator...) instance? It is as if the HTML engine on your system would fail to recognize the MIME type of the data submitted (could be that MIME sniffing is disabled on your system?).

by Peter Karsai 7 years ago
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@David Follis: The issue is definitely caused by the disabled "MIME Sniffing" feature of Internet Explorer on your system, but it's trickier than that. ORF implements its own security manager to avoid conflict with the default browser security enhancements on Windows servers and maps all internal resources to the LOCAL_MACHINE security zone. This security zone has MIME Sniffing enabled by default, that is why this issue appears on your system only - apparently your group policy settings have somehow overwritten the settings for this zone.

The LOCAL_MACHINE zone is quite special and its settings cannot be edited from Internet Explorer, only by the registry. There are multiple levels of settings and I am also not sure if your GPO still contains the override for these entries, but here are a few links that explain the settings:

I hope this helps.


by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 7 years ago
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That definitely was the fix. I filtered on "MIME" in my IE Settings GPO and I had it set to Enabled. Changed them back to "Not Configured", gpupdate my DCs, and then gpupdate /force my Hub Transport server and all is well. Thanks for the prompt response.

by David Follis 7 years ago

@David Follis: Thank you for the update David, I am glad to here it helped. We will also check if we can do something about this, maybe ORF can work without MIME sniffing enabled.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 7 years ago
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