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The corporate mailsystem: mixed Exchange 2003/2007
The Internet gateway: (seperate) Exchange2003 / ORF4.3
The general policy regarding DSN's is that any DSN should flow back to external senders.

Now, I want to block/drop outbound DSN's from a specific mailbox on the corporate mailsystem.
How can I achieve that in ORF? (all filters in ORF seem to target inbound mail, not outbound mail)

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by peter juul sørensen 7 years ago

i dont think ORF was ever designed to do anything about outbound mail...

but in EXCHANGE, you could create a transport rule (exchange management console > microsoft exchange > organization > hub transport > transport rules > new rule)

which says:
from "that user" and sent to users that are "outside the organization" and if the message type is "read receipt" (or other DSN) then "delete the message without notifying anyone" (or redirect it if you want

disclaimer: i dont work for ORF i'm just some guy

by Bryon 7 years ago

@peter juul sørensen: DSNs are not always generated on your end: if ORF rejects the email at the perimeter server, it will only tell your Exchange 2003 gateway to return an 5.x.x SMTP response code and a text after the RCPT TO: command, from which the sender server will generate the actual Non-Delivery report (DSN) and places it in the sender's mailbox. Unfortunately, it is not possible to drop emails "silently" (without returning an SMTP response) on a per recipient basis. (There is a related feature request on our site at

In some scenarios, the email may be allowed through ORF, but it cannot be delivered by the back-end Exchange servers, in this case an NDR may be generated and sent out by the back-end. This can be disabled globally in Exchange, I am not sure about individual recipients, though...

by Krisztian Fekete 7 years ago
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@Bryon: @Bryon: Thanks for your reply. I guess I'll go for Exchange to handle it. Thanks.

by peter juul sørensen 7 years ago
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Thanks for lining out the different scenarios regarding DSN's. To be more accurate about my setup, all the DSN's I want to filter in ORF, are generated by the back-end Exchange servers, by the servers or by clients accessing the servers. The DSN's are of types read-receipts (Disposition-Notification-To) or received-receipts (Return-Receipt-To) and the likes. They will all flow outbound, passing ORF.
I guess the solution described by Bryon will do fine.

by peter juul sørensen 7 years ago

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