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Is there a way for individuals to "report" a spam email back to ORF? Right now they send them to me and I go in manually.

by Michael Duffy 7 years ago

@Michael Duffy: ORF currently cannot be "fed" by such users submissions: this would require the Bayesian filtering feature to be implemented first (you can vote for this at

Note that if ORF is configured properly, it should catch the majority of incoming spam using automated tests (like DNS and URL blacklists) alone. We discourage using the manual lists, because they require a lot of work and you will get little results. If you feel your current catch rate is lower than it should be, I recommend checking our best practices guide at to ensure you are using the recommended blacklists, or sending us your current configuration file called orfent.ini along with your system description and some .log files form the last 1-2 days (these are located in Program Files (x86) \ ORF Enterprise Edition by default) - we will review your files and make suggestions to improve the filtering efficiency.

by Krisztian Fekete 7 years ago
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