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hello everyone! We have the exchange 2010 + orf setup, and there's a question. A lot of spam like this passes through ORF - the email has, lets say, 10 recipients, but only 1 email is valid on our mailserver - but still, this message is recognized as non-spam and hits the "valid" recipient.

Is there a problem in recipient configuration?

by Alexandr Gromotkov 8 years ago

@Alexandr Gromotkov: The recipient validation feature stops emails sent to non-existent recipients only: just because an email has multiple recipients of which some are non-existent, it does not necessarily mean it's spam and should not be delivered to valid recipients, so such behavior of the recipient validation feature would block many legitimate emails. (Imagine a client of yours sending an email an Cc:-ing somebody who no longer works for your firm).

ORF has another test, which relies on recipient validation and does exactly what you need: the DHA protection test. This test will ban senders for X minutes who sent Y emails to non-existent addresses within Z minutes (all three values can be configured). By default, it will ban senders for 24 hours who send emails to 3 non-existent addresses within 3 hours, so false positives are unlikely to occur.

The test can be enabled and configured in the Administration Tool (Configuration / Tests / Tests and Configuration / Tests / DHA protection test pages).

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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