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We decided to turn on DHA Protection and went to ensure the database was in place before hand. Discovering it not working I realised that the SQL database does not contain a table for it.

If I select "configure" and "test" the test works. Settings are the same as per other database connections (which all work well). When I click on "Manage" I get the following error:

Unexpected error getting the database properties.
Error EOleException: "Invalid Object Name 'DhaBlacklist".

I checked the SQL database and can confirm 'DhaBlacklist' is not listed as a table in the ORF database.

Any ideas on how to force a table creation?

by Steven Richards 7 years ago

Problem resolved. I manually created DhaBlacklist, then deleted it. I then ran the SQL file provided at http://www.vamsoft.com/dbguides.asp and found that this time it worked.

by Steven Richards 7 years ago

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