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smtp server requires users to authenticate. I want to have all emails to be filtered. When I uncheck Exclude authenticated clients from filtering, no one can send. Mail client reports: Server Response 550.5.7.1 message rejected. Am I missing a config somewhere?

by Sal Montagne 8 years ago

ORF is designed to filter incoming emails only and to exclude outgoing/internal emails from filtering (the outgoing email flow is only monitored for the Auto Sender Whitelist feature).

The "Exclude authenticated clients from filtering" option aims to avoid filtering emails which are relayed via authenticated connections from non-intranet hosts to avoid blacklisting outgoing legitimate emails.

Filtering outgoing emails would require an entirely different rule-set (for one, Recipient Validation will block all outgoing emails because the external recipients does not exists in the local Active Directory). What you try to achieve is not possible in current ORF versions, but you can vote for this feature to be implemented at


by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago

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