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I have infrequent rejected emails with no explanation other than

Blacklisted by the user-defined URL domain blacklist. Domain: "". Filter comment: "No IP addresses".

The "" is a different IP address in each case. I guess it is saying that it wanted to check the url but was passed an ip address instead of a domain name. I don't even know that I have a user url blacklist. Can you help me with this?

by Bryan Ferguson 7 years ago

@Bryan Ferguson: I suspect you imported the definition of the URL Blacklist "Spamhaus DBL" and wanted to disable IP lookups for the URL Blacklist test sometimes in the past by following the instructions at ("Disable IP Lookups") but you accidentally added the regular expression to the user-defined URL blacklist (Configuration / Filtering - On Arrival / URL Blacklists / User-defined URL domain blacklist - Configure) instead of the exception list (Configuration / Filtering - On Arrival / URL Blacklists / Exceptions).

You should delete the expression from the first and add it to the latter, otherwise all emails containing any IP address as a URL will be blacklisted by this expression.

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 7 years ago
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Wow! Totally correct. Thank you.

by Bryan Ferguson 7 years ago

@Bryan Ferguson: I am glad I could help :)

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 7 years ago
(in reply to this post)

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