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I installed ORF 4.4 on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 + Exchange 2010 SP1 RU3. I can't to start ORF service. ORF Administration Tool say that "The path you specified for the Exchange Repay Directory does not exist ot it is not available. Without a working Replay Directory, ORF may lose email in specific scenarios and ORF email notifications may not work either". ORF tries to use C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\Replay\ folder as Exchange Replay Directory. This directory exists and available for SYSTEM and local Administrators with full access. How can I fix this?

by Stanislav Buldakov 8 years ago

@Stanislav Buldakov: Was Exchange upgraded (e.g., from Exchange 2007 to 2010) since ORF was installed on this server, or was the ORF configuration migrated from another server? It is possible the configuration detects the Replay directory of a previous version, while the new Exchange installation works with another one now (i.e., the path exists and available, but does not belong to your current Exchange installation).

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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Oups... It was incorrect folder...
When it was changed to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\TransportRoles\Replay\ I can start ORF service.


by Stanislav Buldakov 8 years ago

@Stanislav Buldakov: Glad to hear that the problem has been solved :)

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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