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i have one questiion about the recipient Blacklist, i want to block a few internal adresses from external.
But as Action i want to add an suject extension and recieve the Mail, i dont´t want block it
Is this possible?

by dlu 8 years ago

@dlu: Yes, it is possible by using the Keyword Whitelist feature, i.e. by adding the recipient addresses to the Recipient Blacklist (Configuration / Tests / Recipient Blacklist), but whitelist specific emails by subject by adding a Keyword Whitelist entry (with Subject scope, Configuration / Filtering - On Arrival / Keyword Whitelist, New). The latter whitelisting will apply to all emails though, not only on emails sent to these blacklisted recipients.

Also, please note that this will work only is the Recipient Blacklist test is not excluded from the scope of whitelists in Configuration / Tests / Tests, Whitelist exceptions (Configure button, at the bottom of the page), otherwise the Recipient Blacklist will override the Keyword Whitelist.

by Krisztian Fekete 8 years ago
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