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We have a single Exchange 2010 server with the mailbox, client access, and hub transport roles. Is it ok to install ORF on the actual Exchange 2010 server? We do not have seperate edge or hub transport servers.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

by Russ 8 years ago

@Russ: Yes, ORF does support both the Edge Transport and the Hub Transport role of Exchange 2010, so it can be installed on your actual Exchange server with the Hub Transport role.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 8 years ago
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Russ, I have an Exchange 2010 SP1 server with all roles running for about 550 users with ORF installed on works well.

by TR 8 years ago

@TR: Thanks for the reply TR. I installed ORF 2 days ago and am very pleased at this point.

by Russ 8 years ago
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