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I'm getting emails that are slipping through that have square boxes in the subject line and text.
Any ideas on how to block these?

by mark rosenbaum 7 years ago

@mark rosenbaum: I suspect that these square boxes are the "character not found" boxes that Windows uses when it is unable to render a character, because the font used does not not contain the character in question. These typically occur in corrupted emails, or emails written in languages/character sets not installed on the computer - could be anything like Thai, Russian or Chinese.

While ORF has the ability to block based on character sets, this feature may only be used when the administrator is absolutely certain that the server will never receive legitimate emails from the affected countries.

Generally, we recommend fine-tuning ORF to catch more spam based on its full repertoire of tests, as decribed in the Getting the Most out of ORF Guide at vamsoft.com/downloads/getmostguide.pdf .

If you feel your ORF configuration is already close enough to the above suggestions, please send us the MIME source of these emails and we will try to come up with something specifically against these.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 7 years ago
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