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Nice greetings from Austria,

is there a possibility to use MySql as external Database?

i use this connection string:
Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};Server=server01.xxx.xxx;Database=orfdb; User=xxx;Password=xxx;Option=3;

ORF can read from Database ( under manage Database it shows the correct Record count) but if a record is tried to add there is an error as follows:
Unexpected Honeypot Test error. EVariantInvalidOpError "Invalid variant operation".
My Question: Which SQL command is send by ORF to validate /add a Record.

Maybe i'm able to develop a interface to translate this data to be compatible with MySql.

kind regards

by Simon Taeuber 9 years ago

@Simon Taeuber: ORF uses a couple of ANSI-ish SQL commands for the Honeypot database like

INSERT INTO HoneypotBlacklist
(IpAddress, LastUpdateTime)
(?, ?)

and many more like that (SELECT, UPDATE). I am not familiar with MySQL, but I think you can turn on SQL logging in MySQL to see what commands are issued exactly and this can point toward the command that fails.

A lot depends on the ODBC/OLE driver. ORF uses predefined SQL strings with positional parameters to safely access the database via ADO. The data types used in commands are adDate and adVarChar, there could be compatibility issues here.

You mentioned that the Manage Database dialog in ORF shows the correct record count - was the database populated by ORF? If ORF can add records, but cannot query/update them, that can be a useful information to determine which command fails.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 9 years ago
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