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I was checking my ORF log. It does not contain records where I am the sender. The log does contain e-mail where I am the recipient.

Can ORF log both incoming and outgoing e-mail? I am using Exchange Server 2010 and Outlook 2010.

by Jim Dorman 9 years ago

@Jim Dorman: The current version of ORF logs only those outgoing emails of which the recipient email address was added to the Auto Sender Whitelist database, it does not support logging all outgoing emails. However, you can vote for this feature at


The more vote it gets, the greater the chance we will implement this in a future version.

by Krisztian Fekete 9 years ago
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In my environment (Exchange 2000) it also logs outgoing email when a user has authenticated to my Exchange server with a third party app of some sort, either internally or externally.

by mikeg 9 years ago

@mikeg: That is probably a different case of logging/event - there are two cases when outbound emails can be logged in ORF.

1) SMTP logging: ORF logs every incoming email which arrive via SMTP (not just those sent to a local recipient). That means if your third-party app uses SMTP to submit emails for relaying, ORF will log those emails, because they arrive via SMTP. Exchange uses a different mechanism for submitting emails to transport, these are not seen this way in ORF.

2) Outgoing email logging: Under pre-Exchange 2007 servers/IIS SMTP, ORF also monitors the event when the local SMTP server makes an outbound SMTP connection. This is the event used for populating the Auto Sender Whitelist. On this event, ORF will log only the additions to the ORF log.

I hope that makes sense.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 9 years ago
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