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ORF 5.1 Released, Brings Microsoft® Exchange 2013 Support to ORF

BUDAPEST, Hungary (June 4th, 2013) - Vamsoft ORF, leading software based anti-spam solution vendor for Microsoft® Exchange and IIS SMTP has just released its latest version of the popular spam filtering solution, ORF Fusion.

ORF 5.1 brings numerous features and improvements to its spam filtering software:

Microsoft Exchange 2013 Support

ORF now can be used with Microsoft® Exchange 2013 on both the Client Access server and the Mailbox server roles.

IDNA Support in the URL Harvester Engine

The URL harvester component is responsible for detecting, decoding, prioritizing and sorting URL payloads in spam, such as web links and email address domains. The domain names harvested from URLs are checked against online blacklists (SURBLs) to see if they are associated with spam. The URL Harvester now supports Internationalized Domain Names (IDNA), so ORF is now able to to discover and lookup domain names written in alphabets and scripts like Cyrillic, Japanese or Hebrew.

Reverse DNS Lookup in the ORF Log Viewer

Now the Log Viewer supports looking up the PTR record (Reverse DNS lookup) of any logged IP address (Event View).

About ORF

ORF is a spam filtering solution developed by Vamsoft Ltd., an independent Hungarian software developer since 2002. ORF provides a vast range of tools for Microsoft® Exchange and IIS SMTP to correctly identify spam especially in a multi-language environment. ORF also comes with intuitive and detailed reporting features which enable system administrators to overview and manage spam threats with unprecedented ease. ORF is sold to 112 countries around the world to SMBs to Enterprise level companies and governmental institutions.


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