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Press Release

For release on September 10th, 2012

ORF 5 Released With New Enterprise Features in Tow

BUDAPEST, Hungary (September 8th, 2012) - Vamsoft ORF, leading software based anti-spam solution vendor for Microsoft® Exchange and IIS SMTP has just released its latest version of the popular spam filtering solution, ORF Fusion.

Also known as ORF 5, the latest version brings a vast range of changes and improvements primarily targeting enterprise users and infrastructures.

Remote Administration

Forget about RDP or VNC. With ORF Fusion you can manage multiple installations from the comfort of your desktop. Remote Administration features a secure, fast and reliable means of accessing all of the ORF servers from any remote workstation.

Configuration Synchronization

The tedious work of setting multiple installations up one by one is over. With ORF Fusion's Configuration Synchronization you can assign publisher and subscriber roles to set up a hierarchy of ORF installations. The changes you make in the former get automatically propagated to the latter. Path- and feature localizations help dealing with the differences between servers by enabling the local override of the central repository settings.

UI Redesign

The user interface of ORF has been redesigned from the ground-up. Based on thousands of technical support cases and user feedback the UI puts all relevant information at your fingertips. The interface has been optimized to display just the right information when you need it. Log messages are now more helpful than ever with detailed explanations, a configuration wizard is now available to get ORF up and running, useful illustrations assist in choosing the right options.

Licensing and Pricing

With ORF 5 comes a completely restructured licensing policy. ORF Fusion will be licensed per user and ORF Enterprise Edition will be discontinued. The new licensing policy will provide the option to tailor the offering to the customer's business and market. The new pricing model was designed to still undercut our competitors' prices, keeping ORF Fusion the best price/value option out there.

"Version 5 is the next step in the ORF evolution. With the accumulated knowledge of our customer needs and previous shortcomings we were able to create a software that is highly functional yet simple to use. Time is expensive and one of the biggest improvements we have made is the ability to quickly access the most important features in the software." said Gyula Karakas, CEO of Vamsoft.

About ORF

ORF is a spam filtering solution developed by Vamsoft Ltd., an independent Hungarian software developer since 2002. ORF provides a vast range of tools for Microsoft® Exchange and IIS SMTP to correctly identify spam especially in a multi language environment. ORF also comes with intuitive and detailed reporting features which enable system administrators to overview and manage spam threats with unprecedented ease. ORF is sold to 112 countries around the world to SMBs to Enterprise level companies and governmental institutions.


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