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ORF Continues Breaking Records

BUDAPEST, Hungary (June 1, 2011) - Vamsoft ORF, leading software based anti-spam solution for Microsoft® Exchange and IIS SMTP achieved VBSpam Verified award for the 7th test period in a row.

The independent test conducted by Virus Bulletin's Anti-spam team included 19 popular spam filtering solutions from around the world. The aim of the testing is to benchmark available spam filters in their ability to protect inboxes from the onslaught of spam e-mails. The testing and verification procedure has become an industry standard in the measuring and benchmarking the efficiency of anti-spam solutions.

ORF continues to outperform all competitors in its 7th round of VBSpam tests. Out of the 7 tests thus far, ORF managed to hold a perfect false positive score in 5, breaking its own record set previously. No other product has been able to achieve this in the 2 years the test has been running. Even with new features being put to the test (whitelisting, blacklisting), ORF proved to handle the test with ease.

"I have sung the praises of ORF’s user interface before, and using it to add black- and whitelists was once again a pleasure. Given the fact that ORF had no false positives for the fifth time in seven tests, though, few people are likely to need the whitelisting options." said Martijn Grooten, Anti-spam Test Director at Virus Bulletin.

During the test period, ORF also managed to catch 99.42% of incoming spam, another record for ORF in the VBSpam testing system.

"While keeping the false positives to zero, ORF also managed to improve its spam catch rate, which was higher than in any previous test. A seventh VBSpam award will be proudly received at the company’s Hungarian headquarters." commented Mr. Grooten.

"We are indeed very proud of our achievement, which shows ORF can live up to serious business expectations of zero tolerance for false positives and excellent spam catch rate. We are proven in our belief that the innovative blend of technologies in ORF makes it a real alternative to any large brand solution at a fraction of the cost." said Gyula Karakas, CEO of Vamsoft Ltd.

About ORF

ORF is a spam filtering solution developed by Vamsoft Ltd., an independent Hungarian software developer since 2002. ORF provides a vast range of tools for Microsoft® Exchange and IIS SMTP to correctly identify spam especially in a multi language environment. ORF also comes with intuitive and detailed reporting features which enable system administrators to overview and manage spam threats with unprecedented ease. ORF is sold to 94 countries around the world to SMBs to Enterprise level companies and governmental institutions.

About VBSpam

After more than a decade of experience in the field of anti-malware testing, Virus Bulletin began running an anti-spam testing and certification scheme at the beginning of 2009. The VBSpam test has since become a recognized industry standard.

The test uses Virus Bulletin's live email stream, which is sent to all the filters participating in the test in random order, thus exposing each to exactly the same email stream, in real time. The test measures both the false positive rate and the spam catch rate of the products, and VBSpam certifications are awarded to products that exceed a predefined benchmark based on both measurements.


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