Image Spam Agent

Deprecated Tool

This tool is no longer being maintained and may not be working as intended. The contents of this page may not be relevant and links may not work. Thank you for your understanding.

What is this?

This tool is an External Agent for ORF 2.1 and newer versions that improves ORF by image spam detection capabilities.

What is image spam?

Image spam is a subtype of spam which has the payload in embedded images (instead of text). This agent was developed specifically against a 2007 image spam outbreak. Today, image spam is much less common and thus it is recommended to install this agent only if our Customer Service recommends it.


Vamsoft Image Spam Agent 1.0 R2 / 135kB / January 15, 2007
Vamsoft Image Spam Agent 1.0 R2 installation package
Installation Guide
readme.pdf / 71kB / January 11, 2007
General information and installation instructions.

System Requirements

This agent requires the 2.0 version of the Microsoft® .NET Framework Runtime. This framework is present on any modern Windows versions, but you can also download it from the Microsoft website.

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