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ORF 6.2 Change Log

Article was last updated on August 24, 2020. View products that this article applies to.

This article contains the complete list of changes implemented in ORF 6.2 compared to the previous 6.1.1 release.

Changes in version ORF 6.2

  • NEW: Custom Action - Test Mode
    A new custom action for troubleshooting, testing and fine-tuning individual blacklist tests.
  • NEW: Result-based actions for the SPF and DKIM tests
    You can now specify different blacklist actions for most SPF and DKIM authentication results.
  • NEW: Search filter expressions in logs
    This new feature allows you to find log entries that match the filter expressions you defined in the ORF Administration Tool.
  • CHANGE: Automated filtering points selection
    The appropriate filtering points are now automatically selected for each test based on your ORF configuration. The filtering point control columns (Before Arrival & On Arrival) were removed from the UI.
  • CHANGE: Active Directory-based recipient validation
    Emails sent to shared mailboxes are no longer rejected when ORF is configured to blacklist emails sent to disabled AD accounts.
  • CHANGE: Configuration file paths
    The service-related configuration files were moved to "%ProgramData%\ORF Fusion\".
  • IMPROVED: SMTP Responses
    The SMTP response list had been extended and the default responses have been updated.
  • BUGFIX: DKIM Signature Verifier - RFC-6376 standards violation
    Signature verification was unnecessarily terminated with a warning when the version tag (v=) was not the first tag in the "DKIM-Signature" header field.

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