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ORF 6.2.1 Change Log

Article was last updated on August 24, 2020. View products that this article applies to.

This article contains the complete list of changes implemented in ORF 6.2.1 compared to the previous 6.2 release.

Changes in version ORF 6.2.1

  • BUGFIX: SPF filtering problems under specific conditions
    An optimization flaw prevented the SPF Test from running in "standalone" mode and as part of the Greylisting test under certain configuration settings.
  • BUGFIX: User-specified file paths reset to default
    File paths inaccessible due to permission or network connectivity issues were reset to default upon launching the Administration Tool.
  • BUGFIX: Tests randomly terminate with EListError "List index out of bounds (nn)"
    Due to a thread separation error, certain tests could terminate abruptly under heavy email load.
  • BUGFIX: Malformed email addresses trigger DMARC Test errors
    The DMARC Test did not handle some specifically formatted email addresses correctly which resulted in occasional errors.
  • BUGIFX: DMARC "Pass" messages logged with the wrong event class
    A bug in the logging module resulted in the incorrect classification of successful DMARC verification events.
  • BUGFIX: Feature localization may prevent configuration synchronization
    Localizing the "Actions" or "Tests" settings on the subscriber server prevented successful configuration synchronization with the publisher.

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