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After upgrading to 6.3, the orf service hangs after an hour or so. To get it up&running again we have to kill it and then start it.

Sent you guy's a mail regarding this and got answer to move logs to local drive. Done this but still the same.

As it is now, I have set it to restart (script) every half-an-hour. That's ovbiously not an ongoing solution.

Is it possible to downgrade to 6.2 without to musch hassle?

Or could you provide me with a better solution?


by Jonas 2 months ago

@Jonas: Hello Jonas,

I have tried to send you an email but it is being delayed by your mail server according to the non-delivery report I received. Could you send me an alternative email address to ?

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 2 months ago
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