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I have seen this error once or twice in the past, I know it is SPAM, but it winds up passing the email checks after the error is displayed for both on arrival and before arrival tests of the email in question
NOTIFICATION - ORF Enterprise Edition

The following event has occurred:

Server : utes
Class : System
Action : -
Severity : Error
Source : SMTPSVC-1
Filtering point : OnArrival
Related IP :
Sender : TryHDTVSpecials|SatelliteTVpromotions|SatelliteTVsignup|SatelliteTVEntertainment|SatelliteTVSpecialists|SatelliteTVEmpire|SatelliteTVProvider|SatelliteTVPromos|NationalSatelliteSystemsTV|HDSatelliteTV|SatelliteTV|HDProgramming|SatelliteTVDealsDISHNetworkAuthorizedRetailer|
Recipient(s) :
Email Subject : -

Unexpected Auto Sender Whitelist error. EAccessViolation "Access violation at address 0059C58C in module 'orfeesvc.exe'. Read of address 0000000C".

This mail was sent to you because you have requested to be notified about specific events in ORF Enterprise Edition.

Here's one of the leg entries
Version: 4.3 REGISTERED
Log Mode: Verbose
Server: utes
Source: SMTPSVC-1
Time: 1/27/2011 9:17:58 PM
Class: System Message
Severity: Error
Actions: (not available)
Filtering Point: Before Arrival
HELO/EHLO Domain: oo9.gentlebox.info
Related IP Address:
Message ID: (not available)
Email Subject: (not available)
Sender: TryHDTVSpecials|SatelliteTVpromotions|SatelliteTVsignup|SatelliteTVEntertainment|SatelliteTVSpecialists|SatelliteTVEmpire|SatelliteTVProvider|SatelliteTVPromos|NationalSatelliteSystemsTV|HDSatelliteTV|SatelliteTV|HDProgramming|SatelliteTVDealsDISHNetworkAuthorizedRetailer|
Error checking the Auto Sender Whitelist. Auto Sender Whitelist error: EOleException "Application uses a value of the wrong type for the current operation".

by Gene Pinson 8 years ago

@Gene Pinson: I suggest trying to repair the Auto Sender Whitelist database, it might got corrupted (ORF Administration Tool: Configuration / Tests / Auto Sender Whitelist, Settings, Database, Manage >Repair). If that does not help, rename/delete the aswl.abs file in the ORF Enterprise Edition directory (this requires the ORF Service to be stopped first). Finally, start the ORF Service again. If you still receive these errors (or want to avoid possible database corruption issues in the future), I strongly recommend switching to an SQL database (see our database guide page for instructions at http://vamsoft.com/dbguides.asp)

If none of the above solved the issue, please let us know and we will investigate further.

by Krisztian Fekete 8 years ago
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I have already run a check against my MS SQL Database that I am running on with no errors.

by Gene Pinson 8 years ago

@Gene Pinson: Please send us your system description (OS, Exchange/IIS SMTP versions, other security software involved in email filtering (antivirus with email filtering features, other antispam product, etc)), your ORF configuration file called orfent.ini, your related ORF text log files (raw .log files, Log Vewer CSV exports are not suitable). The latter files are located in located in Program Files \ ORF Enterprise Edition by default. Also, please send us a copy of this email (if you still have it) in EML format. Our email address is . Thanks!

by Krisztian Fekete 8 years ago
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