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I just purchased ORF and I wanted to know how often the Blacklist Definitions are updated so I can plan a maintenance schedule. I saw in the Getting the Most Out of Your ORF where to download the most recent definition but it does not say how often these definitions are updated.

David Dunn

by David Dunn 8 years ago

@David Dunn: The blacklist definition are shipped with each ORF release (blacklist.xml file in the ORF directory): these are the most up to date definitions at the time of the release. We also release updated definitions occasionally between ORF versions if

* a new online DNSBL service appears or
* an existing one is updated (, or
* one is shut down and possibly causing problems (see

It is quite random, I'd recommend subscribing to the RSS feed of our News section to get notified when a new definition file is released:

We also send out email notifications regarding such updates (if you have such notifications enabled for your Customer ID:

by Krisztian Fekete 8 years ago
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