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I've setup and enabled clamav and for the most part it's working great.
However, I have an EML file that is now sat in the "Path for temporary email files" folder and refuses to budge.
How can I tell what is happening with this file?
Can I reprocess it?
Do I know if it's been processed already and safe to delete?
I've already set my AV scanner to exclude this folder.

by gavpop111 5 months ago

@gavpop111: Hello gavpop111,

You may safely delete that file. Normally, ORF deletes the temporary copy of the inspected email after the configured External Agents have scanned it, but if an External Agent does not respond in time or the file cannot be removed for some reason, ORF abandons it and proceeds with the rest of the tests. Note that the External Agent test is not performed on the actual incoming email (the original is held up until the External Agent test is finished or times out), so you do not have to reprocess or resend the email.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 5 months ago
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