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I have a suspicion this isn't a feature, but is there any way to permanently block a sender who sends an email to an invalid email account that doesn't exist when checked against "validation source" in "recipient validation"?

by gavpop111 5 months ago

@gavpop111: Hello gavpop,

There is no permaban option in ORF, for a good reason. Anyone can send an email to the wrong address accidentally and you probably do not want to silence people forever for a single mistake.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 5 months ago
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I appreciate your point, but the reason for my question is that we're getting lots of mass mail to lots of different email accounts, some of which are accounts that no longer exist.
I accept that the odd mistake shouldn't be treated with a permanent block, but couldn't we have an option where we can permanent block senders who constantly email non existing accounts?

by gavpop111 5 months ago

Repeat offenders that send emails to non-existent addresses are banned by ORF's 'DHA Protection Test' automatically - so if you have not enabled that test yet, you should. By default, senders are banned for 24 hours after 3 invalid delivery attempts within 3 hours. We recommend keeping the default settings to avoid false positives, but you can always modify these settings if necessary. To learn more about this test, please consult the related help page:

I hope this helps :)

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 5 months ago

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