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The third release of ORF 6.0 with extended expiration is now available. Update your Beta R01 or R02 release to extend your evaluation time to February 28, 2019. Learn more and download from:

Thank you for testing ORF.

by Greg Pósa (Vamsoft) 3 months ago


thanks for the new beta version. Just installed without a problem. Will keep an eye on the DKIM log entries. ;)


by NorbertFe 3 months ago


I just sent some log reports because of failing SPF tests at the on arrival point. Please have a look.


by NorbertFe 3 months ago

Thank you Norbert. I have already replied to your email, we will investigate the issue.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 3 months ago

@NorbertFe: A quick update on the reported issue: There is indeed a bug in the R03 version of the ORF 6 beta, which prevents ORF from determining the correct source IP address of the emails at the On Arrival filtering point on Exchange server installations (IIS SMTP installations are not affected). Downloads are currently disabled - a new version containing the bugfix will be available soon on the beta page.

Huge thanks to NorbertFe for reporting this issue so quickly!

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 3 months ago
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