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is there any reporting capabilities for reporting the quarantined attachments to the administrator? Maybe including the ones to get purged next aso.?

If not maybe you can consider this a feature request.


by NorbertFe 2 years ago

Hello Norbert,

Although it is possible to configure ORF to send notifications on email blacklisting (System > Log > Email Notifications), per-test notification are not - yet - supported. As a workaround, you could enable ORF's email notification feature and create an Exchange/Outlook rule to filter out unwanted blacklist notification emails by matching for certain keywords in the body/subject.

That said, we will consider adding the features you brought up in an upcoming version. Thank you for the suggestions.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 2 years ago

Hi Daniel,

thanks. That would be a nice addition I'd say. Having a daily or weekly summary of the files filtered with their expiration date.


by NorbertFe 2 years ago

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