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Hi All;

can ORF send notification mail with the blocked mail to the recipient informing him that the sender ...etc with the mail... been blocked ? this would make the recipient to keep aware about all missing mails he should receive. Hence am talking about the on arrival rejected mails because of being blocked for keyword or DNS.

Bilal Al Ali

by belalalali 1 year ago

@belalalali: I am afraid this is not something that ORF is capable of as it has no built-in SMTP engine to send or receive emails. Even if it could do this, it would probably overwhelm the users with the notifications that it would generate for each blacklisted email. At which point, the users would just stop reading the notifications altogether - defeating the purpose of such messages.

If you want to avoid false positive results, make sure that your ORF installation is set up properly. For configuration tips, please consult our Best Practices guide:

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 1 year ago
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