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First let me give you some back story. After I installed version 5 I noticed a 28% drop in the amount of spam blocked. About 2 months ago I posted a forum post and worked with support to try to resolve that issue. I made some changes and was going to wait to see how the statistics changed. It's now been 41 days and I'm still seeing a 17% drop in blocked spam. Obviously the changes helped so a big thank you to support! Now that I have a new set of statistics I'm seeing some possible problem areas. The biggest is the Recipient Validation filter doesn't appear to work as well as it used to. It appears to work before arrival, but I'm showing a 57% decrease in blocked spam on that filter. As for on arrival it appears to not work at all. It hasn't blocked anything on arrival in the last 41 days which is a 49% decrease in blocked spam. I checked the settings and everything looks ok including testing an email address to see if it could connect. Is there something else I can check to make sure it's working or this just how version 5 works now?

Historic Statistics:
Spam Ratio: 97%
Time Elapsed: 2056d 6h 30m
Before Arrival Recipient Validation Tests: 12,146,300
Before Arrival Recipient Validation Hits: 10,132,202
On Arrival Recipient Validation Tests: 2,962,161
On Arrival Recipient Validation Hits: 1,475,668

Recent Statistics:
Recent Time Elapsed: 41d 10h 45m
Before Arrival Recipient Validation Tests: 47,773
Before Arrival Recipient Validation Hits: 12,256
On Arrival Recipient Validation Tests: 28,572
On Arrival Recipient Validation Hits: 0

by NicCrockett 6 years ago

@NicCrockett: Well, the historic statistics contain data from a 5+ years, while the recent statistics are from the last 41 days only, so I would not compare them this way. You probably received less spam sent to non-existent recipients in this last month than the monthly average of the past five years, that's all :)

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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