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Upgrade install of ORF 4.4 to ORF 5.0. Enabled Remote access. Set locall bindings to "All Interfaces 6242". Allowed IPs set to Set a password (letters and one number). Can not access Remote Management from Internet Explorer. When I telnet (telnet 6242), I receive the following: HTTP 405 Method not allowed. Can anyone provide some direction on this issue?

by WebbPresence 6 years ago

@WebbPresence: Could you tell me please what do you mean by "Can not access Remote Management from Internet Explorer"? The Remote Access feature works only from the ORF management tools (there is a separate installer package which can be installed to any client and contains the management tools only, see the bottom of the page at ORF currently does not support web-based management from the browser.

Assuming the client has access to the server and the latter accepts connections on this port (you might need to create a firewall rule for that), it should work.

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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Guess I must have skipped over that section in our upgrade guide.

I read this "Remote management
All administrative tools of ORF are capable of managing remote ORF installations over a HTTP-friendly communications platform with secure authentication and HTTP proxy support. " from and interpreted "HTTP-friendly" as web-based management. My mistake. I will re-attempt using the link you provided.

I will post again once I have had an opportunity to install and test.

by WebbPresence 6 years ago

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