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I'd like to test the SPAMHAUS-ZEN DNS blacklist prior to Recipient Validation to reduce directory harvesting. DHA protection is rarely triggered because they seem to be testing from many IP addresses.
I set Recipient Validation to On Arrival, but if there are some invalid recipients, the email is delivered to the good recipients while the bad recipients are silently dropped. It works great and I haven't actually seen this cause a problem. It just doesn't seem to be good practice.
Can I achieve this through some other means?

by Richard Neal 7 years ago

@Richard Neal: the order of the tests cannot be changed: Recipient Validation will always run before the DNS Blacklist test (well, unless you assign the latter to Before Arrival and Recipient Validation to On Arrival, as you do now).

As long as you drop emails for invalid recipients silently and your server does not send out NDRs, there is nothing wrong with this approach.

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 7 years ago
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