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I get a lot of spam there the (Outlook) email header contain
Doc Cayden Matthews
"Doc" is common for all the spam, other details are all the time different.
How can I stop this ?

by BJORN CARLSSON 7 years ago

(Assuming "doc" is in the From: line)

1. Start the Administration Tool.
2. Navigate to the Configuration / Tests / Tests page and make sure the Keyword Blacklist test is enabled
3. Navigate to the Configuration / Filtering - On Arrival / Keyword blacklist page and click New.
4. On the Filter properties tab, set the scope to Email header (raw MIME)
5. Add a comment (e.g., "Doc" in the From: header line)
6. On the Filter expression tab, set the expression type to "Regular expression" and copy/paste the following to the "Keyword\regular expression" field:


7. Click OK
8. Save the configuration to apply the changes by pressing Ctrl + S.

Note that we suggest relying on automated tests whenever possible and discourage adding manual expressions to the configuration each time a new type of spam appears: please make sure you are using the recommended DNS Blacklists and URL blacklists (see our best practices guide at

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 7 years ago

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