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While I'm a big fan of ORF for antispam, it's bad at antiphising.
The 'best out of ORF-guide' advices to install ClamAV with databases from SaneSecurity.

While I've done this multiple times in the last year, lately the downloadsite for ClamSup and Rsync ( is down.

Anyone here willing to help? Could Vamsoft update their guides and renew their antispam advice?


by Rob Willemen 6 years ago

@Rob Willemen: That port of ClamAV is no longer available unfortunately, and I did not find any free Rsync alternatives for Windows. I am working on the updated version of the guide, it will use this ClamAV port:

I intend to download the SaneSecurity definitions using Wget for windows (and to create a scheduled task to keep it updated).

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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