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Any guidance from the ORF team about the upcoming July 1st timebomb, are we expecting An R03 beta or an RTM before then? Thanks.

by Wiliam Roland 7 years ago

@Wiliam Roland: Definitely, as stated in the FAQ on our beta page (http://www.vamsoft.com/fusion-beta/#faq-beta-limitations):

"[...]the current R02 release will expire on July 1, 2012. We will release either the final version or another beta release before the above date."

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 7 years ago
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@Wiliam Roland: The new R03 beta is now out with an extended expiration (September 15, 2012). Thank you for your patience. Download R03 from the beta microsite at http://vamsoft.com/fusion-beta.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 7 years ago
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