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I appreciate that you made lists able to be easily sorted by clicking on the column headers.

However, in any list in the admin tool, we used to be able to click on any one thing in the list, and then type rapidly and have the focus skip to where we type. Similar to behavior in every version of windows explorer lists of files.

For example in IP blacklist, if i click one time to select, and then on the keyboard i type (quickly) it would skip to the first 5, then the first 56, then the first 56., then the first 56.7, ...etc until i either stop typing, or there are no more matches (leaving me on the last matched thing)

NOW in the beta i have to click "Test", fill in an exact ip address, and search. While this is convenient for finding which rule matched something, it's really a lot more difficult than just type-searching.

Please consider adding this functionality to the lists back before the release?

by Bryon 7 years ago

@Bryon: In ORF 5, we replaced the standard Windows list view control with a third-party one that has better performance/more advanced features, that probably explains the issue. We will check if it supports search-by-typing and if it does, we will enable it. Thanks.

by Peter Karsai (ORF Team) 7 years ago
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