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We have just setup the "Honeypot Test" and filled in about 10 emailaddresses which are "Top Spammed Recipients" and definitive invalid addresses.

On the other hand "Recipient Validation" is active via SQL Database. The Database is updated every 3 hours by a VBScript from ActiveDirectory.

Seen in ORF LogViewer the first mail for a "Honeypot Address ()" reaches ORF. ORF blocked the mail with the comment "Recipient is not vald" - Correct...

-- BUT --

Took a look at ORF -> Tests -> Honeypot Test -> Database -> Manage -> Number of records: 0 records

In this example: do we have to put " (and all othe Honeypot Addresses)" into the "Valid Recipient" Database or "Valid Recipient -> Recipient Exeption List"?

Kind Regards

by Uwe Kortkamp 9 years ago

The Honeypot test is always performed before the Recipient Validation test, otherwise the Recipient Validation would block all emails to non-existent spam trap addresses before they could be recorded in the Honeypot database (so you do not need to add the Honeypot addresses to any exception lists of the Recipient Validation test, this should work by default).

I suggest checking whether the Honeypot test is enabled in Configuration / Tests / Tests, and make sure the settings are saved (by pressing Ctrl + S in the Administration Tool).

Please let us know if this has helped.

by Krisztian Fekete 9 years ago

Hello Krisztian,
thanks for your fast reply. Verified that "Honeypot-Test" was enabled and Settings saved (twice) - no change.

What we have changed now was the "Testing Point" - from "On Arrival" to "Both" - and now those emails are marked as "Attempt to send to a honeypot....." and the RemoteIP is blacklisted for our defined time.

..so "call can be closed :-)"

Thanks again

by Uwe Kortkamp 9 years ago

Ah, so the Recipient Validation test was assigned to Before Arrival, but the Honeypot test was assigned to On Arrival. That explains the issue :) Glad to hear the problem has been solved.

by Krisztian Fekete (ORF Team) 9 years ago

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